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Breitbart › Politics › 4 hours ago
A mantra coming out of impeachment is that one of President Trump's crimes was ignoring "regular diplomatic channels."
Breitbart › Politics › 1 day ago
By the time the Ukraine investigation is over, the skullduggery of the last decade might start to resemble the skullduggery of the 1940s.
Breitbart › Politics › 2 days ago
The head of DHS asked lawyers to criticize President Donald Trump's successful policy of keeping migrants in Mexico.
Washington Post › 3 days ago
This right-wing catchphrase supposedly describes rebellious government workers. But moneyed influencers are the real “deep state.”
Washington Post › Politics › 4 days ago
The clash of values was on vivid display Wednesday as woolly diplomats earnestly defended the old ways while Trump’s defenders spoke darkly of ‘deep state’ subversion.
Breitbart › Politics › 1 week ago
Nikki Haley claims Rex Tillerson and John Kelly had tried to circumvent President Donald Trump and make their own policy decisions.
Breitbart › Politics › 1 week ago
As Democrats ride onto a political battlefield—The Battle of Impeachment—perhaps they are now wishing they had started with more situational awareness.
Sputnik International › 1 week ago
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan discuss the video released by Project Veritas of the ABC reporter talking about Jeffrey Epstein. Apparently, the story was killed by Buckingham Palace.
Breitbart › Politics › 2 weeks ago
Zaid said the whistleblower would answer questions directly from Republican members “in writing, under oath & penalty of perjury.”
The Daily Beast › Politics › 2 weeks ago
GettyWho will save us from this troublesome presidency? Not our elected officials in Congress, afraid of losing the next election. Not House members voting “no” on an impeachment inquiry, seeing nothing wrong with Donald Trump’s conduct. And not...
Sputnik International › 2 weeks ago
Former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin said on Wednesday that he was grateful for the "deep state's" role in prompting the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, noting that his colleagues are continuing to “do their work irrespective of what...
Breitbart › Politics › 2 weeks ago
Mark Levin slammed the alleged so-called "whistleblower" Eric Ciaramella and called the National Security Council a "rat's nest."
Breitbart › Politics › 2 weeks ago
Rush Limbaugh mocked Eric Ciaramella, who a report suggests is likely the so-called Trump-Ukraine "whistleblower."
Breitbart › Politics › 2 weeks ago
Former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin lauded the "Deep State" for its role in the Democrats' partisan impeachment inquiry against Trump.
Breitbart › Politics › 2 weeks ago
More false testimony was provided during a secret deposition run by House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff in...
Breitbart › Politics › 2 weeks ago
The DOJ's criminal investigation into the Trump-Russia probe reportedly has John Brennan and James Clapper in its crosshairs.
Breitbart › Politics › 2 weeks ago
Lee Smith's "The Plot Against the President" suggests the present "impeachment inquiry" is the fruit of a poisoned tree.
Breitbart › Politics › 2 weeks ago
"Do we really want impeachment to be the way that we settle debates in this country?" asked Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel.
Breitbart › Politics › 2 weeks ago
Alexander Vindman's concern for the "consensus views of the interagency" on Ukraine informed his approach to the president's call.
Breitbart › Politics › 3 weeks ago
The deep state launched a criminal conspiracy to destroy Michael Flynn to prevent audits of intelligence agency operations, said Lee Smith.
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