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Bloomberg Finance 15 minutes ago
The separatist challenge in Catalonia is the most important issue for Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez as his new government starts to administer Spain...
Bloomberg Finance 17 minutes ago
Lee Johnson's doctors didn't think he'd live long enough to testify in court that exposure to Monsanto Co.'s Roundup weed killer caused his deadly...
Bloomberg Finance 21 minutes ago
The U.K. Parliament is in a bitter fight over how much power it should have over Brexit -- specifically whether lawmakers get to decide what happens...
Bloomberg Finance 35 minutes ago
China's planned levies on U.S. crude as part of an escalating trade dispute threatens to dim the attractiveness of American supplies in the world's...
Bloomberg Finance 37 minutes ago
Procter & Gamble Co. is putting the advertising industry on notice.
Bloomberg Finance 39 minutes ago
Here's your big mistake on those World Cup brackets.
Bloomberg Finance 41 minutes ago
Jeff Mueller has little time for many of the junk bonds investment banks are pitching to him these days.
CBS News Auto 53 minutes ago
German authorities on Monday detained the chief executive of Volkswagen's Audi division, Rupert Stadler, as part of a probe into manipulation of...
CBS News Finance 2 hours ago
If you thought social media was a cesspool of fake news, trolling and creepiness, it turns out that people across the world agree with you. And...
Bloomberg Incident 2 hours ago
London (AP) -- Three people have died after being struck by a train in south London, British Transport Police said Monday.
Bloomberg Technology 3 hours ago
AI advances by the 'Medical Brain' team could help the internet giant finally break into the health-care business
Bloomberg Finance 3 hours ago
From shampoo to use after the pool to a mask to recover from the sun, these tools are essential for looking and feeling fresh when it's hot out.
Bloomberg Incident 3 hours ago
British Transport Police say 3 people have been killed by a train in south London.
CBS News Finance 3 hours ago
When a big company looks to move, states and cities often compete with tax breaks to lure it, hoping it will boost the local economy by adding jobs...
Bloomberg Auto 3 hours ago
Audi CEO Rupert Stadler was arrested in Munich today in connection with the diesel-cheating scandal, making him the highest-profile target in the...
Bloomberg Finance 4 hours ago
OPEC members are discussing a compromise agreement that would see an oil production increase of between 300,000 and 600,000 barrels a day over the...
Bloomberg Finance 4 hours ago
Cerberus Capital Management is nearing a deal to buy air cargo handler Worldwide Flight Services, people with knowledge of the matter said.
Bloomberg Finance 4 hours ago
Democratic Republic of Congo opposition leader Moise Katumbi said the authorities revoked his passport and won't allow him to replace it.
Bloomberg Finance 5 hours ago
Inaki Urdangarin, the brother-in-law of Spain's King Felipe VI, entered jail on Monday to serve a sentence of five years and 10 months after he was...
Bloomberg Incident 5 hours ago
Tehran, Iran (AP) -- Iran has executed a member of a Sufi order who rammed a bus into police as they tried to disperse a rally, killing three of them.
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