Manchester United and Man City squeeze out Liverpool in key financial area

Manchester Evening News Sports 1 month ago

Manchester United and Manchester City can only look enviously up the table at Liverpool , who have at this early stage opened up an eight-point gap on the latter side.

However, the Manchester clubs are still proving themselves to be box office in the Premier League and, even with Liverpool's form, above their rival from Merseyside.

This could add up to a considerable cash prize by the close of the season for both clubs, as the Premier League pays out per game featured on TV.

New data reveals that Manchester United and Manchester City are leading the way in terms of televised games selected by the Premier League.

Across Sky and BT, as well as newcomer Amazon, both clubs have 12 games selected for broadcasting.

Manchester United have already been screened half a dozen times, while City have been shown five times on TV.

Liverpool, by contrast, have 10 games selected for broadcast - which puts them level with Spurs.

It's early days yet, but ensures that the Manchester clubs are continuing to challenge Liverpool for money earned through broadcasting, which can add up to tens of millions by the end of the season.


Back in May, the Premier League revealed it had paid Liverpool £33.4million for its 29 live appearances on UK television - more than both Man Utd (27 games; £31.2million) and Man City (26 games; £30.1million).

Indeed, the amount earned by Liverpool for live UK games - known as facility fees - was the most in the Premier League.

However, the latest three-year broadcasting cycle until 2021/22 brings with it a change in the way payments from the Premier League are distributed.

Under this system, those at the top - namely Liverpool and Manchester City, with United waiting in the wings - will continue to profit above those at the bottom.

With the current deal, 46 per cent of all the League’s broadcasting revenue now comes from overseas. This cash is now to be divided up on a new merit basis.

Whereas previously all 20 clubs received an equal share of the overseas broadcasting revenue, teams at the top of the table will receive a greater share of the cash.

International TV money paid out last season amounted to £864million - or £43.1million per club on an equal basis.

Most televised clubs - all games currently selected

Club - Matches

Manchester City - 12

Manchester United - 12

Arsenal - 11

Chelsea - 11

Newcastle United - 11

Liverpool - 10

Tottenham Hotspur - 10

Everton - 9

Leicester City - 9

West Bromwich Albion - 9

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