Who is Inika McPherson, how many tattoos does she have, when was she in a relationship with Regina George, and when did she test positive for cocaine?

The Sun Sports 10 months ago

INIKA McPHERSON has been catching the eye at the World Athletics Championships in London.

The 5ft 4in American high jumper has over 30 tattoos and is known for her striking appearance on the track.

Inika McPherson sported eye make-up during the high jump final

Inika McPherson sported eye make-up during the high jump final

American high jumper Inika McPherson has caught the eye in London

American high jumper Inika McPherson has caught the eye in London

Who is Inika McPherson?

Inika McPherson was born in September 1986 in Port Arthur Texas.

She was 2013 and 2014 US Indoor champion and holds the record for being the only woman of her height of 5ft 4in to clear 6ft 6in.

What was Inika McPherson banned for?

She tested positive for cocaine in June 2014, and served a 21-month doping ban through to March 2016.

McPherson told Fittish: “I went to a party the weekend before USAs. I was drinking, not really aware of what was going on, and I was like, how the heck did this happen? I know I’m going to be tested at meets.”

Was she in a relationship with fellow athlete Regina George?

She and Regina George – a sprinter with Nigerian and Venezualan dual citizenship – appeared to announce on social media that were in a relationship back in 2014 after posting pics together on Facebook. Though never have shared any pictures of them together in quite some time.

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