Russian curler Anastasia Bryzgalova steals the show at Winter Olympics with fans going wild over her looks

The Sun Sports 6 months ago

PEOPLE on Twitter have gone crazy for an attractive athlete at the Winter Olympics.

Russian curler Anastasia Bryzgalova has captured hearts across the world because of her good looks.

Fans have been going wild for a Russian curler at the Winter Olympics

The 25-year-old is a world champion at the sport, having won the 2016 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship with husband and curling partner Alexander Krushelnitskiy.

But it’s Bryzgalova’s face, and not her achievements, apparently garnering the most interest online.

Winter Olympic viewers have been left stunned by her features.

And many have been bowled over by some bikini pictures on social media.

Anastasia Bryzgalova has captured hearts because of her good looks

The 25-year-old is a world curling champ

@muddygav said: “Anastasia Bryzgalova… my new reason to love the Winter Olympics.”

@arewhyinoh wrote: “I don’t really understand curling but Anastasia Bryzgalova has made me a fan.”

@Flags12345 noted: “I’m still rooting for USA but Anastasia Bryzgalova, the Russian curler looks like a freaking model.”

@jamespstewart exclaimed: “The Russian curling mixed doubles team is led by Anastasia Bryzgalova, who looks like Angelina Jolie at 21 if she ever picked up a broom.”

Fans have been bowled over by her stunning features

Bryzgalova seems to have won plenty of new fans

The ace is married to her curling partner Alexander Krushelnitskiy

The star will have plenty of fans from the across the globe cheering her on

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