Eddie Hearn teases Tyson Fury over ‘embarrassing’ promo for WWE fight in Saudi Arabia

Metro Sports 1 week ago
Eddie Hearn mocks 'embarrassing' Tyson Fury over WWE fight in Saudi Arabia
The Gypsy King will make his full wrestling debut in Riyadh in October (Picture: Getty)

Eddie Hearn says Tyson Fury’s WWE press conference was ‘the most embarrassing thing he has ever seen’ while he ‘feels bad’ that the Gypsy King will get stick for wrestling in Saudi Arabia.

Fury announced on Friday in Las Vegas that he would take on Braun Strowman at the end of October, with the two engaging in a rather odd shoving match on stage as they went face-to-face to promote the Crown Jewell event.

While Hearn was full of praise for the exposure Fury’s move into wrestling will garner, he was less kind about their antics on stage and made a parallel with the criticism he received for staging Anthony Joshua’s rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr. in Saudi Arabia.

Eddie Hearn mocks 'embarrassing' Tyson Fury over WWE fight in Saudi Arabia
Strowman and Fury shoved each other several times before Triple H intervened (Picture: Getty)

‘Welcome to Sky Sports Box Office, Tyson Fury,’ said Hearn on IFL TV. ‘It’s great innit. I watched the press conference, it was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s massive exposure. Listen, he’s nicking a few quid, he’s going out there, why not?’

Asked what is in it for Fury, he continued: ‘Money, what else do you think? It’s just good fun isn’t it, wrestling.

‘It’s going to be good for his profile worldwide, and like I say he’s getting a few quid. Have you seen the video when they were hitting each other? I was like [puts head in hands cringing]. Bit of good fun.’

Hearn has received criticism for putting on YouTuber KSI’s rematch with Logan Paul, but the Matchroom promoter feels that’s different: ‘At least that’s a proper fight, it’s not him [Fury] prancing around in his leotard.

‘Listen, it’s very simple, great exposure, few quid. I just feel bad that, all the stick I got for Saudi Arabia, I know he’s going to get the same stick about that, going out there, taking part in an event out there.’

Eddie Hearn mocks 'embarrassing' Tyson Fury over WWE fight in Saudi Arabia
Hearn seemed to imply that Fury might not receive as much stick for fighting in Saudi Arabia (Getty)

Asked about the decision to wrestle in Riyadh, Fury himself said: ‘I’m a prize fighter, I’m an entertainer. I’m not a politician, I’m not someone like that, so I just go where I’m supposed to go.

‘My team and management they sort all that out and I turn up in a suit looking like the dog’s b*****ks and then that’s it.’

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