Bournemouth arrive at Vitality Stadium with bags crammed with shopping in donation to local foodbank

The Sun Sports 9 months ago

BOURNEMOUTH stars supported the town's foodbank by arriving at the Vitality Stadium with shopping bags crammed full of food.

The Cherries launched a campaign ahead of their Premier League clash with Arsenal for supporters to drop off donations in supermarket trollies dotted around the stadium.

Steve Cook carries Tesco bags full of food for donations

All donated items will be given the Bournemouth Foodbank who provide emergency food and support to people in crisis.

And two first-team players lead the way when they stepped off the team bus carrying Tesco bags in each hand.

Team-mates Steve Cook and Ryan Fraser both brought their own donations to support the initiative.

Striker Callum Wilson also played his part by visiting the local foodbank to drop off his donations and speak to volunteers working to support the community.

Ryan Fraser also followed suit with two bags for the local foodbank

The 25-year-old also tweeted on Saturday: "Remember, there will be trollies outside turnstiles tomorrow so you too can make a donation to the Bournemouth Foodbank."

It was a reminder of the difficulties Wilson faced as a youngster growing up in Coventry.

Speaking to Sky Sports he said: "Without places like this there would be a lot of people around here, around the local area, who would go without food,

"We don't realise because we're not aware of it as much.

Bournemouth striker Callum Wilson attended the local foodbank to drop off his donations

Wilson revealed how his family relied on foodbanks as a youngster

"Around Christmas time and stuff the churches used to drop a few crates round for the family [when I was growing up in Coventry]. It's crazy how far it can go and people [just] don't realise.

"There will be trolleys outside the stadium turnstiles to put stuff in [before the Arsenal game].

"Please bring whatever you can. Every little helps."

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