Spain warns tourists at risk of 200 euros for breaking a simple rule

Tourists are being warned they could be fined over rules involving earphones in Spain or France.

As the rule goes, tourists are at high risk who enjoy cycling or are planning to go to a holiday destination on a bicycle to avoid using earphones as it is now considered illegal.

The warning is given by the team leader of Cycle SOS, Lena Farnell, to help people stay on the right side of the law.

Ms. Farnell had stated to the Liverpool Echo that Cyclists who are caught wearing earphones can expect to pay a €200 fine in Spain, while if they are found in breach of the rules in France, one can expect to be fined €135.

It is however recommended that people should not wear earphones while cycling because wearing earphones while cycling could present a safety risk to themselves and the road users.

Listening to music compromises a cyclist’s ability to listen to road traffic, including the sirens of emergency vehicles.

Also, it is a real fact that people could be less aware of warning signals such as vehicles using horns or pedestrians shouting.

Not wearing earphones allows cyclists to be more aware of their surroundings, helping them to cycle in a safer way, which will reduce the number of road traffic accidents.

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