Southwest Airlines Flights 30% Off & eGift Cards 14% Off (Ends Today)

Southwest Airlines Flights 30% Off & eGift Cards 14% Off (Ends Today)

Southwest Airlines launched a fare sale yesterday that ends today (April 30, 2023) for travel next two weekends (May 5 – 7 and May 12 – 14).

You can make this even better by first buying Southwest Airlines electronic gift card(s) from Costco that are on sale at 14% off until the end of today, and they promise to process them within an hour.

You can access Southwest Airlines here and Costco here.

When you combine the sale 30% and the egift card discount, you can save 40%.

There may be some downsides to using a gift card instead of a credit card to pay when it comes to travel disruptions that Southwest Airlines has been recently plagued with.

You might receive various benefits, such as hotel accommodation, in case of delays and cancellations if you paid for the trip using one of the premium credit cards we all carry.

The purchase of these gift cards won’t code as travel, as many credit cards offer higher points bonus.


These Southwest Airlines electronic gift cards are usually on sale at 10% off, but many of these gift card products are not continuously available through Costco (we have seen Alaska, Delta, and Southwest products on sale).

They allow you to save a bit, but you lose on the benefits and points that come with the purchase of travel using certain premium cards.

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