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The world is finding out what the U.S. now finds acceptable.
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The New York Times 22 hours ago
In western Nepal, women are banished from their homes every month when they get their periods. They are considered polluted, and many die as a result.
The New York Times 11 hours ago
The pattern first started more than a decade ago. But lagging fertility rates and rising white mortality rates have sped demographic change.

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The New York Times 13 minutes ago
The announcement is the latest fallout from the administration’s decision to separate children from parents who have arrived illegally.
The New York Times Incident 15 minutes ago
An early draft of the report on the recapture of rebel-held Damascus suburbs contained information about chemical attacks omitted from the final...
The New York Times Opinions 32 minutes ago
And how to fix them.
The New York Times Opinions 35 minutes ago
Auditors give glowing reports to prisons that are cesspools of sexual violence.
The New York Times 37 minutes ago
Here’s what you need to know to start your day.
The New York Times Opinions 39 minutes ago
Pro-Trump evangelicals and their allies want to build a “great red wall” to keep Democrats out of power. California is high on their list of targets.
The New York Times Technology 1 hour ago
The social media service said a new video hub called IGTV would allow users to post videos up to an hour in length.
The New York Times Sports 2 hours ago
Carlos Queiroz has been in his post for more than seven years. Fernando Hierro has been in his post for just seven days. They meet Wednesday in Kazan.
The New York Times Sports 2 hours ago
Surprise Group B leader Iran takes on Spain, one of the World Cup favorites, in Kazan. Stay here for live scoring, updates and analysis from Russia.
The New York Times Incident 2 hours ago
The teenager was a passenger in a car that had been stopped because it matched the description of a vehicle seen fleeing the scene of an earlier...
The New York Times 3 hours ago
They portray the title character in this play by Tracy Letts. In a conversation, they talked about their work and the production.
The New York Times 3 hours ago
Mr. Giuliani’s statements ahead of the 2016 election have led senators to ask the F.B.I. director if a pipeline exists between the bureau and the...
The New York Times Finance 3 hours ago
An executive at the giant retailer signed a document that indicated the property was being purchased with a loan from a large shelter operator.
The New York Times Lifestyle 4 hours ago
The Los Angeles group led by the singer and guitarist Taylor Goldsmith stretches its sound and scope of lyrical inquiry on its sixth LP, “Passwords.”
The New York Times Politics 4 hours ago
Mr. Bloomberg plans to pour money into advertising on television, online and in the mail, with most of it going to support Democratic congressional...
The New York Times Politics 4 hours ago
Conservative Christians are navigating a tricky path as they recoil at an immigration policy enacted by a president they support
The New York Times Opinions 4 hours ago
The government is building tent cities to hold thousands of minors for months at a time.
The New York Times Politics 4 hours ago
Aside from being a sporting event of global significance, this is a major P.R. victory for President Putin and his entourage.
The New York Times 4 hours ago
The government is opening shelters in South Texas for children under the age of 12 who separated from their families after crossing the border. What...
The New York Times Politics 4 hours ago
It is unclear how Mr. Trump intends to claim the legal authority to violate what have been legal constraints on the proper treatment of children in...
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