Smoky haze returns, health alerts in place

Smoky haze returns, health alerts in place

COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The smoky air conditions are back in the Capital Region; the governor issuing an alert for the entire state. NEWS10 was in Cohoes at an outdoor concert with more on how people are managing the conditions caused again by smoke from the Canadian wildfires blowing south.

Governor Kathy Hochul alerting New Yorkers to the latest threat of poor air quality, laying out guidance for all.

“Air quality is unhealthy in every corner of the State of New York,” said Hochul.

Hochul says there are several precautions you can take to lessen the health impact of the smoky haze in our air.

New Yorkers can get real time air conditions by entering your zip code at website.

If the air quality is rated over 200 on the air quality index, it is dangerous for outdoor activities and is considered very unhealthy, for everyone.

The state will remind motorists by displaying poor air quality alerts on highway signs.

New York State Emergency Management will send text message alerts to counties experiencing an index of 200 or more, for longer than an hour.

And the state will be providing hundreds of thousands of masks.

As for folks in Cohoes at the Skeeter Creek outdoor concert, they say a little smoky air won’t keep them inside.

“We got to just deal with it a little bit because it’s summertime, we don’t get that much summertime, and we got to make the best of the conditions we get,” said Bob Whiting.

The grills were cooking in full effect and pizza was being enjoyed as the concert kicked off and good times started to roll.

“We are out here still serving, the smokes not stopping anything,” said one lady serving pizza and lemonade.

“Hey, you can see the smoke over there. It’s getting lower. But you know, it’s up to you people if you want to go in or out. With me, I would choose home if I saw it too cloudy,” said Jane Mercer.

Some concert goers choosing to heed the mask advice.

“So, I’m prepared. That’s all I got to say I’m prepared,” said Anne Walton.

Yet, the governor says we need to be more vigilant. “We really need to limit time outside and as I mentioned, wearing high quality masks.”

Governor Hochul says New Yorkers will be under alert for the smoky air again tomorrow as we head into a holiday weekend.

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