SKY TV owners go wild for cheap ‘must-buy’ accessory that could save you money

SKY TV owners go wild for cheap ‘must-buy’ accessory that could save you money

IF you have Sky TV you might want to consider protecting your remote from costly damage.

A new Sky zapper costs over £30 to replace.


This glow-in-the-dark sleeve is perfect for anyone who constantly loses their remote[/caption]

But a protective sleeve costs a fraction of that, so it could save you money in the long run.

There’s one on Amazon at the moment that’s glow-in-the-dark.

So it should be a tad easier to find at night as well.

  • Sky TV remote sleeve at Amazon for £8.93 – buy here

The sleeve also has the advantage of helping you avoid scuffing the remote.

It only costs £8.93.

The clever accessory has a decent 4.4/5 rating on Amazon with almost 400 customer reviews.

One buyer wrote: “Great cover for Sky Q remote.

“Our dog ate the back of our controller!

“This keeps batteries in and we can find it easily now.

“Also helps to soften the landing when remote hits the floor.”

Another added: “Fits like a glove. Stops the remote sliding off the arm of the chair and is easy to find amongst your clutter!’

And one noted: “It shows up well on the bed so I can easily find it at night.”

A few long-time Sky customers also added that it helps to keep “broken” remotes together.

But not all of the reviews were positive. One troubled owner said: “OK. But my dog now thinks it’s a toy.”

The accessory isn’t an official Sky product, but it should fit a standard Sky Q remote.

And it’s available for Prime delivery, so paid-up Amazon members can bag fast delivery.

  • Sky TV remote sleeve at Amazon for £8.93 – buy here

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed.

Always do your own research before making any purchase.

Find your lost remote

There’s another hack that Sky TV owners should know about.

If you’ve really lost your remote and can’t seem to find it, there’s a fantastic solution.

The remote has a built-in speaker that can beep if you’ve lost it.

All you need to do is activate the feature using your Sky box.

The remote control will beep loudly for 30 seconds, allowing you to quickly locate it.

First make sure your house is quiet, so you can hear the beep.

Then press the Q button on the front of your Sky Q box.

After a few seconds, your paired Sky Q Touch / Sky Q remote with Voice Control will beep.

This beeping will only last for 30 seconds, so if you don’t find it in that time, you’ll need to restart the process.

If it doesn’t work at all then it’s possible that your Sky Q remote is out of battery.

It’s also possible that the Sky Q remote is no longer in the building, and can’t be reached by the Sky Q box.

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