Sky customers have found a hidden TV remote upgrade – it’s free but could cause massive rows

Sky customers have found a hidden TV remote upgrade – it’s free but could cause massive rows

SKY customers have found a new way to take back control of the TV with a hidden secondary remote.

It’s great if you’ve completely lost your remote or it’s broken – because it’s completely free.

Virtual remote is hidden in the Sky Go app

And if you’re constantly arguing over the remote it could be your new secret weapon.

After years of people requesting it, Sky has finally added a virtual remote control to the Sky Go app.

The app was quietly updated recently to add the feature.

But it only works with Sky Q boxes.

There’s no indications whether it’ll work for Sky Glass or Sky Stream in the future.

Sky previously offered a similar feature in its old Sky+ app before it was discontinued.

“On Sky+ I used to use the apps virtual remote to control my main and other boxes around the home a great mobility tool!” one eagle-eyed user said.

“On Sky Q I was always told it was coming (many years now!) but it finally has.”

Another reacted: “Neat, just tried it – handy if the remote fails…”

The virtual remote has all the buttons you would expect, including record and a keyboard.

How do I connect to Sky on my phone?

You’ll need to make sure you have the latest version of Sky Go installed on your iPhone first.

Once that’s done, open the app and tap the settings cog in the top left corner.

Under the “devices” heading, you should see Sky Q Remote.

Tap it and set the feature up.

New feature is hidden in the Settings

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