Shoppers rush to buy classic iPhone for less than £125 in shockingly cheap Amazon deal

WE’VE just spotted an A-class deal on a refurbished Apple handset on Amazon.

You can pick up a refurbished iPhone 8 for just £123, in a deal that’s proving hugely

The iPhone 8 was released back in 2017 and is now a solidly reliable budget option for Apple fans

We always keep on eye on Amazon’s best-selling phones page to see if there are any bargains to snap up.

Currently at Number #2 is the refurbished iPhone 8, which has been give a 16% price drop by the retail giant.

Clearly, this is a smartphone that’s very popular with shoppers right now

A refurb handset that was released all the back in 2017 doesn’t come with much in the way of ‘wow’ factor – but it’s an absolutely superb option for anybody looking for an iPhone on a budget, and in a hurry.

The internet is full of horror stories about the dodgy state of refurbished items, which is why we suggest if you go the used route, you do it through a big seller like Amazon.

Amazon’s ‘renewed’ items come with a 1-year warranty, and are listed in three different condition categories.

The iPhone 8 is marked as ‘Excellent’, meaning it has ‘no scratches’, no signs of cosmetic damage ‘when the product is held 30 centimetres away’, and an ‘excellent functional condition’ with ‘above 80% battery life’.

Priced at almost a tenth of the top-end flagship Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, this humble little handset might not be a long-term keeper but it’ll do you nicely in a tight spot.

We’d say it’s a great option for any kids who are in need of a smartphone and wouldn’t be caught with anything but Apple.

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