SAS Plus No Longer Comes With Complimentary WiFi

SAS Plus No Longer Comes With Complimentary WiFi

Scandinavian Airlines, usually referred to as SAS, an airline that is going through bankruptcy procedures in the United States, has decided to end complimentary in-flight internet access for passengers on SAS Plus immediately.

SAS doesn’t offer business class on its short-haul and regional flights, but SAS Plus is the only option and doesn’t even come with a blocked middle seat (precisely the same seating as the cheapest economy class), but it has some other benefits like free snacks and lounge access where available (SAS doesn’t pay for third party lounges).

You can access SAS here.

SAS Plus on long-haul routes is the airline’s Premium Economy cabin with different seating product than economy.

The airline still has WiFi included in its product description for SAS Plus:

But nowhere found on the fare search:

There is no word of the complimentary WiFi for SAS Plus passengers.


There is very little differentiating SAS Plus on short-haul flights from the cheapest, where the seating is the same, and the only extra are snacks and drinks free from the paid options.

The SAS’ website claims that free WiFi is available on MOST short-haul flights on SAS Plus even before was categorically incorrect, as WiFi is unavailable or has been inoperable on many, if not most, flights.

Of course, the lack of WiFi could be part of the bankruptcy proceedings (unpaid bills).

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