San Diego Padres ranked 9th ‘most hated’ MLB team: Twitter data

San Diego Padres ranked 9th 'most hated' MLB team: Twitter data

SAN DIEGO — Warning: The context of this article may trigger the Friar faithful.

Most sports fans would agree, there’s nothing wrong with a little rivalry.

For the San Diego Padres team, however, there may be more booing and heckling heard at away games compared to that of other MLB teams.

That assumption is based on a new study by BetOnline, a sports betting platform, that analyzed two months worth of Twitter data to determine which MLB teams are the “most hated” in the league.

When compiling the data, the platform tracked negative sentiment tweets, hashtags, and direct keyword phrases about each team for a total of 60 days. Some examples of these negative comments included things like “Padres are overrated” and “I hate the Padres,” among other phrases.

BetOnline says over 100,000 tweets were tracked during the duration of the study.

According to the Twitter data, the San Diego Padres are the 9th “most hated” team in the MLB.

For those curious about which team was considered the “most hated,” the study shows the Los Angeles Dodgers took the #1 spot on the list, followed by the New York Yankees at #2 and the Houston Astros at #3.

A list of the top ten “most hated” MLB teams, according to the Twitter data analyzed in this study, can be found below:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers – 9016
2. New York Yankees – 8712
3. Houston Astros – 7658
4. New York Mets – 6326
5. Atlanta Braves – 5822
6. St. Louis Cardinals – 4692
7. Philadelphia Phillies – 4552
8. Boston Red Sox – 4270
9. San Diego Padres – 4124
10. Kansas City Royals – 3642

On the contrary, the Arizona Diamondbacks were the “least hated” MLB team as BetOnline data shows only 846 negative tweets were tracked.

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