Samsung owners get free phone upgrade that allows you to customise key feature better than before – it takes seconds

A MAJOR Samsung phone update will transform users’ experiences by allowing them to personalise their device’s vibration intensity.

Owners of high-end Galaxy phones will know that their device vibrates in response to a range of actions including tapping the screen, receiving phone calls, and using navigation gestures.


Samsung owners are about to receive a big phone update that will transform their user experience[/caption]


To adjust your own settings, open the Settings app and find the ‘Sounds and vibration’ menu[/caption]


Sub-menus ‘System vibration’ and ‘Vibration intensity’ will facilitate the changes[/caption]

But a new update will see them able to personalise their phone’s vibration intensity to their liking in a matter of seconds.

The sparkly new operating system, which will also bring along a new emoji design and camera app upgrade, will be issued out to Samsung Galaxy devices over the coming weeks under the title One UI 6.0.

Users who have the latest versions of One UI will be able to change their haptic feedback settings.

To customise your own phone’s vibration settings, you will need to open the Settings app and find the “Sounds and vibration” menu.

Two sub-menus will reveal themselves, both containing detailed haptic feedback settings: “System vibration” and “Vibration intensity”.

The “System vibration” screen will allow you to adjust the phone’s vibration intensity and turn vibration off and on for independent actions – touch interactions, dialling keypad, Samsung keyboard, charging, navigation gestures, and camera feedback.

While the “Vibration intensity” screen will offer users the ability to change the intensity of haptic feedback for four parameters: call, notifications, system, and media.

A fifth setting in this second menu will allow users to enable a feature called “Vibration sound for incoming calls” which, when turned on, will have the phone play a louder vibration sound through its speakers.

The louder vibration will not occur when a phone is playing audio through a different device, such as external speakers or headphones.

Beyond vibration intensity customisation options, the One UI 6.0 update features a raft of other highlights.

A new button layout has brought along dedicated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons to the top of the screen for easy access.

Samsung owners, and millions of other Android fans, will also be able to reposition the clock on their Lock screen for added customisation.

There’s a more “stylish and modern” default font, according to experts at SamMobile, that can be selected in Settings.

Pop-up windows will stay open when you navigate over to the Recents screen, so users can pick up where they left off.

Samsung owners can also enjoy a new weather widget with enhanced illustrations alongside more information about snowfall, atmospheric pressure and moon phases.

The camera app is gaining custom widgets to choose from, more alignment options for watermarks, easier video sizing options, quality optimisation and a new Auto FPS setting for brighter videos.

While the gallery has been tweaked to allow for quicker edits in detail view and the ability to ave clipped images and stickers.


The sparkly new operating system will be issued out to Samsung Galaxy devices in stages[/caption]

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