‘Robertson instigated the dispute’ – Ex-refs pile in on Robertson blame game

‘Robertson instigated the dispute’ – Ex-refs pile in on Robertson blame game

Andy Robertson was elbowed by a linesman but somehow the referees’ union are twisting this in a way that our left-back is somehow now being blamed for the incident that occurred during half-time against Arsenal.

Speaking with The Mirror, Peter Walton said: “The available replays make the incident look worse than it probably was. Robertson went over to the assistant, and Hatzidakis then motions in the Liverpool left back’s direction. The quality of the footage makes more than speculation difficult.

“Regardless, this episode is emblematic of the heightening tensions between players and officials. It is also worth emphasising that Robertson instigated the dispute by unnecessarily approaching Hatzidakis, as the confronting of referees and their assistants continues.”

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It’s almost impressive that the former Premier League referee has been so brazen as to shift blame onto the captain of Scotland, much like Mark Clattenburg has also done in a similar piece.

There’s no doubt that our No.26 walked over to Constantine Hatzidakis but there’s no way that his actions warranted receiving an elbow to his chin, despite the ex-official here somehow thinking the footage doesn’t show that.

It can’t be a coincidence that two key figures from within the refereeing circle have come out with such similar statements, as there’s likely been a push from Howard Webb to ask his mates to defend those in charge of our matches.

With such a public push to ask for players to stop touching and berating officials, this seems to have created an air of invincibility around those in charge and that has led to our player being struck.

Aleksandar Mitrovic received an eight game ban for dragging back a referee and a similar level of punishment is at least deserved here yet somehow many are disputing this.

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