Report ranks top 40 Michelin-starred restaurants in US; 3 Chicago spots named

Report ranks top 40 Michelin-starred restaurants in US; 3 Chicago spots named

While Michelin stars are already coveted in the food industry, with only a fraction of restaurants across the U.S. receiving the notable recognition, do some of those with the sought-after stars rise above the rest?

Tasting Table unveiled its list of the 40 best Michelin-starred restaurants in the U.S. “by taking into consideration a wide range of lists, sources, and personal tastes.”

On the list were three Chicago eateries.

Unsurprisingly, Alinea ranked the highest of the three, coming in at no. 5 on the list.

“Alinea has been pushing boundaries and shifting paradigms for almost 20 years, and it is still going strong,” the publication stated. “The dishes continue to be as inventive as they are beautiful, with plates combining pork belly, curry, and bananas in an intricate presentation worthy of the Whitney. If Alinea’s creations weren’t designed to be eaten immediately, they’d be in a museum. But unlike, 20 years ago, Alinea is no longer alone in this game at home in Chicago or anywhere else, and if it wants to maintain its spot at the top, it may have to up the ante on the innovation.”

Following Alinea was Ever, which came further down on the list at no. 26. The restaurant most recently made headlines for its feature in the latest season of the hit show “The Bear.”

“For years it was hard for any Chicago restaurant to get out from under the shadow of Alinea, but that has changed, and Ever is proof,” the ranking stated, noting that the restaurant’s chef Curtis Duffy is “on his way to earning a third [star].”

Closely behind Ever, at no. 28 on the list, was Oriole.

“A dinner at Oriole has nothing to envy other major Chicago culinary institutions,” Tasting Table’s ranking stated.

The top-ranked restaurant on the list was New York City’s Le Bernardin, followed by Atomix, the French Laundry and Eleven Madison Park.

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