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Rediscover Your Childhood Joy And Get Creative At This Adults-Only LEGO® Lates


As anyone who’s looked at the side of a LEGO box will know, the brand consider themselves well and truly accessible to all ages. Age recommendations start at just one and a half years old, ranging up to 18 and over. Indeed, LEGO kits used to come with an age range all the way up to 99. And now the company are doubling down on their belief that LEGO is for anyone of any age. They’re partnering up with BAFTA Masterclass for an adults-only LEGO® Lates event to inspire creativity and help people unwind.

Yup, that’s right, for one night it’s the turn of the adults to play at the Leicester Square LEGO store. Event attendees will try out LEGO building activities paired with a unique behind the scenes focus on the film and TV industry. The perfect night for LEGO fans and cinephiles, tickets to the October 4 event net more than just entry. Upon arrival you’ll get a goody bag full of LEGO-y gifts, and a voucher for the value of your ticket. What you pay for your ticket translates into a discount on a LEGO purchase. So… the event is basically free! That’s how money works right? On the night you’ll also create a series of film-themed LEGO builds that you’ll then be able to take home with you.

Okay, but why adults-only?

The event explicitly wants to present LEGO as more than just a toy, but an outlet for adults too. Award-winning costume designer, PC Williams, will discuss the importance of creativity as a tool to relax and unwind. Recent global research from the LEGO Group has shown that 93% of adults are stressed, and 80% are looking for new ways to relax. So, what better outlet than the creativity and joy of a LEGO build?

A poster for LEGO Lates, showing PC Williams and a view of London
Credit: LEGO® Lates

Genevieve Cruz, Head of Product for the Adults audience at LEGO, notes:

“The LEGO Group has championed the importance of quality, creative play for more than nine decades, but play isn’t just for children. Building with LEGO bricks helps adults to relax, feel creative and get a real sense of achievement, it transcends age, and has benefits for builders both young and old. The LEGO Lates series of events have been designed to help inspire adults to take the time to reconnect with old friends, make new ones and explore a new hobby.”

A customer purchases LEGO products on the opening day of the LEGO Store Leicester Square, London
Credit: LEGO

The London LEGO Lates is the first in a series of international events. Other LEGO Lates events are also taking place in Shanghai and New York later in October. Each event has limited capacity so you’ll want to act quickly to secure your place. Find out more, and grab your ticket for the London event at the LEGO Lates site.

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