PS5 price drop sees console sold at an all-time low – new hints towards next console

PS5 price drop sees console sold at an all-time low – new hints towards next console

A HUGE number of places are seeing a massive price decrease on PS5 consoles.

The price drop has led many to speculate that a new PlayStation console will be released shortly.

Only the disc-based console is receiving a price drop.

In a number of countries in the EU the price of the PS5 disc-based console has seen a price decrease of up to €100.

Usually priced at €549, countries like Spain and Portugal have the console on sale for €449, the same price as the cheaper digital version.

Other regions have smaller yet still substantial price drops. 

France and Bulgaria have price drops of around €75, while Italy has seen a price decrease of €50.

In August 2022, PS5 saw a price increase in these regions of around €50, and a £30 price hike in the UK.

These lower prices have increased speculation that a new version of the PS5 could be on the way.

Sony will be releasing a handheld accessory to pair with the PS5 this year, now code-named Project Q.

However, there is also speculation about a revised PS5 model that could be in the works.

Rumours began shortly after the price increase was announced of a new type of PS5 that had a detachable disc drive.

It is not clear whether this new disc drive will work with the digital version of the PS5.

However, it is believed that there will be a whole new console that the disc drive could fit into neatly.

If the new console is real, it would explain why the disc-based PS5 has seen a price decrease in a number of regions.

In particular, it explains why the disc-based console is lowered in price while the digital console’s price remains the same.

This move could be Sony trying to move stock of the disc-based console before releasing a new version of the console.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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