PS5 and Xbox players are only just realising storing their console upright could damage it forever

PS5 and Xbox players are only just realising that storing their console upright could damage it forever.

Gamers everywhere have been warned that the innocent placement of their consoles could lead to their break downs.


Storing your console upright could damage it forever[/caption]

Atom IT Repairs revealed the top four reasons why consoles can sometimes unexpectedly die on you – and one is all about how you store it.

The experts said that moisture damage is a likely killer of consoles as liquids damage electronics and viciously corrode the gadgets internals in the process.

But there are a few tricks to saving your console if you act fast.

They said: “Placing your console upside down will act against liquid seeping deeper into the device and also allows it to air dry. 

“Don’t use a hairdryer, and don’t put it in rice,” they added as these are “just myths”.

The also urged those that may find themselves in this situation to hand the device to a repair specialist as soon as possible after switching it off and wiping it down with a towel.

Another reason they gave for console break down was neglect.

“Many repairs are the result of neglect, which in the majority of cases can be avoided,” they said.

“For example leaving your console vulnerable to collisions by passers-by puts all working components at risk”.

They also recommend leaving your console far away from where possible liquid spillage may occur, and cleaning any dust build-up as this can often lead to malfunction.

Wear and tear was Atom’s third reason, but although this can’t be avoided, they suggest occasional checks of the device and adequate care can make it last a little longer.

“From parts failure to power issues and much more, each device with its original parts has a life-span, and cannot merely work forever without being tended to,” they said.

The final reason Atom provided was hard disk drive failure, which is a common issue experienced by various consoles.

If your hard disk drive is malfunctioning, you may find yourself with lost data, unusual or excessive overheating and frequent freezing and crashes – just to name a few.

It comes as PS5 owners are just realising a common mistake that could break their console forever – pulling the cord instead of properly powering down.

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