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Prices on Solar Panels 2022: Everything You Must Know

How would power be generated if there were so many shadows from nearby structures lurking over the solar panels installed on your roof? These are not at all improbable circumstances. 

Surprisingly, if the solar system is installed properly, it is a great investment as they can all be easily taken care of while providing earnings for the electricity produced. That is to say, the extra electricity that your solar power system produces can be sent back to the grid in exchange for money. But all this takes us to a couple of the most frequently asked questions: How much does it cost to install a solar panel? What elements, most notably, influence the prices on solar panels in a home?

Solar panels are sure shot way of generating electricity without exploiting the nonrenewable sources of energy. Even through, solar panels are growing popular by the day, some individuals are reluctant to purchase them because of the high prices on solar panels. If this seems familiar to you, let us tell you how these solar panels are cost saving in the long run.

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Do you belong to the group of people who have these inquiries? If so, this comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through all you need to know about solar power systems, their parts, the prices on solar panels, and much more.


What Types of Solar Panel Systems are There in a Solar Energy System?

A solar energy system is a configuration of various parts placed in a certain order to help with the generation of electricity and its secure delivery to power home appliances.

There are three main categories of solar systems: on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid.

  • Systems with on-grid solar panels are linked to the grid. They are battery-free.
  • Batteries are used in off-grid solar panel installations. They aren’t wired into the grid. In addition to having batteries, hybrid solar panel systems are linked to the grid.
  • The on-grid solar system is the one that is most frequently installed in homes in India out of all of these varieties.


After that, allow me to walk you through each part of a solar energy system. It will also help you understand what will be the prices on solar panels and why that cost fluctuates.

In a solar system, there are:

  • Solar panels
  • Mounting structures
  • Solar inverter
  • AC and DC combiner boxes
  • AC and DC wires (conduit trays or conduit pipes, earthing cables, lightning arrester, and MC4 connectors)


Let’s see how much the overall cost of solar installation would be.

The following elements affect what will be the prices on solar panels:

  • Project scope
  • Installation type (height of the building and locality)
  • The types of mounting structures, inverters, and solar panels
  • The size of the cables

Since there are so many variables at play, it should be obvious that the price of installing solar panels would differ from project to project.


What Expenses are There in Addition to What Determines the Price of Installing Solar Panels?

Yes, as already indicated, not everyone will have to pay the same amount to install solar panels on their roof. The elements influencing the price of solar installation are summarized as follows:

  • Capacity for projects and value-added services
  • Location 
  • Length of cables used 
  • Solar panel and inverter type, which you purchase 
  • Type and size of mounting structures utilized 
  • Height of the building

Please be aware that the price of installing solar panels does not include the cost of commissioning and testing the net metre. The customer pays for it, not the vendor. It is given to Discom immediately (the electricity supply company).



A variety of factors influence the price of installing solar panels. We sincerely hope that our effort to help you navigate all of those factors have allayed your concerns. Going solar is a must right now. The installation of rooftop solar systems at residences and housing societies is also subsidized by the government. While there is still a possibility of receiving financial aid from the government, you must switch to solar power.

Also, if you are looking for solar panels at an affordable price range, check out the website of Luminous. The expert approved cutting-edge technology offered by Luminous offers the widest range of solar panels supported by Pan India service network.


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