Then and now: How lawmakers characterize impeachment as a ‘coup’ to protect their own

Washington Post Politics 2 months ago
According to Congress, impeachment is a “coup.” Just as long as the president being impeached is a not a member of the political party engaged in the “coup.”

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Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman refused to characterize former Vice President Joe Biden's (D) threat as "wrong."
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On today’s double-header episode of Double Down, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss billionaires doubling their wealth on ‘QE, Not QE’ and the coup that is not a coup in Bolivia.
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There are at least 10 reasons why the Dem impeachment “inquiry” is really a coup. 1) Impeachment 24/7. The “inquiry,” supposedly prompted by President Trump’s Ukrainian call, is only the most recent coup seeking to overturn the 2016 election...
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Recently, a writer in The New York Review of Books characterized 2019 as “dystopian.” If he believes that 2019 is dystopian, then how might he characterize 1919, 1929, 1939 and the other ninth years of decades between then and now? In 1919, a...
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Fox News host Sean Hannity announced during his Tuesday night prime time show that, going forward, he'll refer to the impeachment probe of President Donald Trump as a coup attempt — a claim tht lacks evidence. "This is just the latest attempted coup...
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"This is not a coup, and it is irresponsible to label a constitutional process a coup," she said.
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The Joseon Dynasty, which lasted five centuries, began with a coup. The often fictionalized coup—and its consequences—are explored once more in the Korean drama 'My Country: The New Age.'
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If coup-coup Nancy Pelosi has a panic button, now would be a good time to lean on it. With signs that Americans are tuning out the impeachment hearings, the clock is ticking on Democrats’ chance to make their case. Pelosi is clearly worried, telling...
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US President Donald Trump tore into Democratic impeachment efforts, slamming the drive to have him removed from office as a “coup” plot seeking to deprive Americans of their rights and freedoms. Read Full Article at
New York Post › 2 months ago
President Trump is claiming that the impeachment inquiry against him is nothing more than an attempted “coup.” “As I learn more and more each day, I am coming to the conclusion that what is taking place is not an impeachment, it is a...
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