Philippe Lamberts blasts Boris for 'trampling all over democracy' in blistering tirade

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Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts furiously attacked Boris Johnson in a speech to the EU Parliament. Mr Lamberts accused the Prime Minister of "trampling" over the British Parliament and "deriding" its members. The Belgian politician addressed his speech to the EU plenary session in which they discussed preparations for the EU leader's council summit next week.

The MEP began by mocking "the story that Prime Minister Johnson wants to tell".

He said: "A good-willed British Prime Minister is honestly seeking a balanced solution to the Brexit conundrum.

"But is confronted with a hostile and antagonistic inflexible European Union conspiring with traitors back home concentrated into the British parliament and judiciary whose sole aim would be to frustrate the will of the people and surrender to the enemy.

"The reality is that Prime Minister Johnson does not want a deal."

Philipe Lamberts attacks Boris Johnson in EU
Lamberts mocks Boris Johnson's vision of Brexit

He continued: “If we were to sign the British proposals, we would commit forever to keep a 500km stretch of EU external border, with no controls forever.

“Without any firm guarantee that goods crossing the border would match the EU regulatory standards, notably safety and security, and with no guarantee that the custom tariffs would be paid.

“That is the kind of blank cheque that Prime Minister Johnson wants us to sign.

“No jurisdiction in the world would ever accept this, especially from a neighbour who stated intention has been repeatedly to undercut the European Union’s social, environmental, taxation standards.”

Lamberts says Johnson tramples over parliament

The MEP added: “No one would accept this but you understand these proposals are not there to be accepted.

“They are meant to lead the country to a no deal Brexit for which the EU 27 could be blamed.

“It’s not hard to read into Prime Minister Johnson’s game.”

Where No Deal Brexit Hits Hardest

Mr Lamberts said: “It now depends on all responsible women and men in British parliament to prevent this from happening, to muster the collective strength to put the interests of the country front and centre.

“We are all members of Parliament here and we are proud of this.

“I listened to Prime Minister Johnson’s speech at the Tory party conference the other day.

“Few days after having illegally attempted to close down his parliament, that Prime Minister was openly mocking, humiliating and deriding the Parliament, the parliament from which his own legitimacy derives.

“When the chief of the executive in any country tramples like this on parliaments, what is at stake is democracy.”

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