Trump’s approval rating continues to slip to 41%

NY Daily News Politics 14 months ago

President Trump's approval ratings continue to fall as voters increasingly see his decisions to fire FBI Director James Comey and to reveal classified information to top Russian diplomats as inappropriate, a poll released Friday shows.

More than half (53%) of U.S. voters said they disapprove of the job Trump is doing as President, while just 41% approve, the latest Politico/Morning Consult poll showed — the worst levels the survey has found during Trump's four-month-old presidency.

Nearly six in 10 voters (58%) said they felt Trump's decision to share sensitive information about ISIS with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during an Oval Office meeting last week was "inappropriate," the poll found, while just 22% said they felt the disclosure was appropriate.

Another 55% said Trump's disclosure made them feel "not confident" with his ability to handle highly classified information, while nearly as many (52%) said the disclosure made them feel "not confident" in the President's ability to keep the country safe from terrorism.

The poll was conducted May 16-18 among 1,970 registered voters, meaning it was administered during, but not after, one of Trump's worst weeks in office — a stretch that saw Trump fire FBI Director James Comey, news emerge that Trump has asked Comey to scrap an investigation into his former national security adviser, the news that Trump disclosed classified information to Russian diplomats, and, finally, the appointment of a special counsel to take over the FBI's Russia probe.

Trump's decision to fire Comey, however, was received with mixed results among voters.

While 43% of voters said they felt the decision was "inappropriate," another 34% said they felt it was appropriate.

Far more, however, said they felt Trump having spoken to Comey about ending the probe into Flynn, before he decided to fire the FBI boss, was "inappropriate."

Half of voters said they thought that was "inappropriate," while just 28% said it was "appropriate."

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