Gov. Brown vetoes bill that would have put in place a driving curfew for Californians under 21

The San Diego Union-Tribune Politics 12 months ago

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a measure Saturday that would have forced tougher restrictions on young California drivers.

Assembly Bill 63 from Assemblyman Jim Frazier (D-Oakley) would have blocked Californians under 21 from driving between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. and prohibited them from transporting those under 20 without supervision in the first year of having their license — restrictions that are now only reserved for those 18 and under.

Frazier had argued the bill would increase road safety. But in a veto message, Brown said such rules should only apply to minors.

"Eighteen year olds are eligible to enlist in the military, vote in national, state and local elections, enter into contracts and buy their own car," Brown wrote. "I believe adults should not be subject to the same driving restrictions presently applied to minors."

Brown said he believed lawmakers should focus their efforts on teen driver training and educational programs, echoing a view he expressed when vetoing a similar bill in 2013.

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