Legal scholars: Conduct like Trump's is the reason Congress has impeachment power

NBC News Politics 1 week ago
Analysis: The point isn't to punish the president, experts told lawmakers Wednesday, but to protect the country from further damage.

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CNN › Politics › 1 week ago
More than 500 legal scholars signed on to a letter published Friday accusing President Donald Trump of having "engaged in impeachable conduct" in his dealings in Ukraine.
The Hill › 1 week ago
House lawmakers conducting the impeachment investigation into President Trump heard clashing testimony Wednesday from a quartet of acclaimed legal scholars who sparred for hours over the gravity of the president's conduct...
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The House Judiciary Committee opened an epic partisan clash over the impeachment of President Trump on Wednesday at a hearing where Democrats and Republicans offered up dueling legal scholars who disagreed over whether the president’s conduct rose to...
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The Trump administration and Republicans launched an all-out offensive on Wednesday against the legal scholars testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.
Fox News › Politics › 1 week ago
Legal scholars sparred during Wednesday's impeachment inquiry hearing about whether President Trump has committed impeachable offenses -- with witnesses called by the Democrats insisting Trump engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors and the sole...
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At a public House Judiciary Committee hearing earlier this week, three accomplished legal scholars offered extensive testimony explaining why they believe President Donald Trump should be impeached: Prof. Pamela Karlan…
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President Donald Trump told reporters in London Tuesday that “legal scholars”—who Trump did not name—examined transcripts of his two phone conversations with Ukraine’s leader and concluded they were “absolutely perfect calls,” a story...
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During Tuesday's 'Morning Joe,' host Joe Scarborough mocked Donald Trump's claims that he had legal scholars read the transcripts of his Ukraine phone calls.
Telegraph › Politics › 1 week ago
Donald Trump committed offences worse than Richard Nixon during Watergate and should be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors", constitutional scholars selected by Democrats told Congress yesterday.
The Week › 1 week ago
One of America's top legal scholars has no time for another legal expert testifying for Congress. While four constitutional experts spoke to the House Judiciary Committee in its impeachment inquiry on Wednesday, Laurence Tribe, a Harvard Law professor...
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