Candice Bergen Raises Eyebrows With 'Free Melania' Sweater During TV Appearance

Inside Edition Politics 12 months ago

Actress Candice Bergen turned a few heads when she appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Wednesday night.

The Murphy Brown actress was wearing a cashmere sweater with the words “Free Melania” embroidered across the front.

Bergen was joined by Reese Witherspoon, to promote their new film Home Again.

She admitted on camera that she once went on a date with Donald Trump while both were students at the University of Pennsylvania.

“He was wearing a three-piece burgundy suit and burgundy patent leather loafers in a burgundy limousine,” she said.

The evening was not memorable, she said.

“I was home very early,” she said slyly. “There was no physical contact whatsoever.

“He was a good-looking guy,” she said. “And a douche.”

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