Polling site won't return to Queens complex for primary election

NY Daily News Politics 11 months ago

Allies of Hiram Monserrate have lost a last-minute bid to have a polling site reestablished for the Democratic primary in LeFrak City in Queens, where the convicted felon enjoys broad support.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Andrea Masley ruled earlier this week that it was too late for her to move a polling site back to LeFrak, where New Yorkers had cast their votes for 50 years.

But she criticized the Board of Elections for moving the voting site from LeFrak to two other locations outside of the housing complex, writing that "moving poll sites is no joke" and that the timing of the change had not yet been properly explained.

"This court is confounded by the BOE's decision to move 6,071 voters to two new voting sites," Masley wrote.

In May, the Board of Elections announced new sites three-quarters of a mile and one-third of a mile away from the LeFrak complex, saying the original site did not meet Americans With Disabilities Act standards.

Disgraced politician Hiram Monserrate has wide support at LeFrak City. But residents of the housing complex will have to travel a little farther to cast their vote.

LeFrak residents who filed the suit last month said that BOE's decision had worsened the problem by choosing new voting sites even less accessible to the disabled and elderly.

Among those behind the suit was Bertha Lewis, head of the Black Leadership Coalition and a Monserrate ally.

The primary is Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Messages for attorneys for the Board of Election and LeFrak residents were not returned.

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