Hearsay might be barred in court. A congressional hearing is entirely different.

NBC News Politics 3 weeks ago
Analysis: Hearsay is a rule of evidence, applying only to court proceedings, and even then with so many exceptions that it's often admissible anyway.

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NBC News › Politics › 3 weeks ago
ANALYSIS: Hearsay might be barred in court. A congressional hearing is entirely different.
ABC News › 3 weeks ago
A leading GOP critique of the House impeachment inquiry that launched into public view this week is that the evidence is hearsay. But hearsay rules are complex, and legal experts say it’s problematic to dismiss the evidence with a hearsay objection.
Washington Examiner › 3 weeks ago
The View hosts accused Republicans of a double standard for dismissing the testimony during the recent impeachment hearing as "hearsay" while also impeaching Bill Clinton in the 1990s with "hearsay."
NBC News › Politics › 3 weeks ago
Republicans blasted 'hearsay' impeachment testimony. But they were in Congress, not court.
Fox News › 0 month ago
Jesse Watters panned the first day of public House impeachment hearings, saying much of the testimony was "hearsay" from two U.S. officials without first-hand knowledge of the July 25 phone call between President Trump and Ukraine's leader.
Breitbart › Politics › 3 weeks ago
Democrat Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) defended "hearsay" evidence during the first public hearing of the impeachment inquiry on Wednesday.
Raw Story › 3 weeks ago
As the second public impeachment hearing was underway this Friday, Fox News host Sandra Smith turned to contributor Andy McCarthy and asked him to comment on Republicans’ claims that House Democrats are relying on hearsay evidence to remove President...
Washington Examiner › 0 month ago
Rep. Mike Quigley defended the impeachment testimony of two witnesses by asserting that hearsay evidence is sometimes admitted into court.
CNN › Politics › 2 months ago
Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina repeatedly raised doubts Friday about the intelligence community whistleblower's complaint because it includes "hearsay" that "brings everything into question."
Fox News › Politics › 2 months ago
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., isn’t buying the legitimacy of the whistleblower’s complaint against President Trump – calling the allegations leveled against the president for his July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “all hearsay.”
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