Election: Revealed – 90 key seats where votes for Brexit Party could help Jeremy Corbyn reach No10

The Sun Politics 1 month ago

LEAVE voters in ninety Brexit battleground seats will deliver Jeremy Corbyn to No10 if they back Nigel Farage in the general election.

Boris Johnson’s hopes could be torpedoed if the pro-Leave vote is split with the Brexit Party – giving Labour a clear run.

Boris Johnson’s hopes could be torpedoed by Brexit Party plans to put candidates it out in hundreds of constituencies


The seats are spread across the country from Sedgefield and Bury North to Birmingham Erdington and Ilford North, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Farage has pledged to get “right behind” the PM but only if he ditches his “appalling” Brexit deal.

If the Brexiteer boss did stand down in the battleground constituencies – 70 per cent of their supporters would go to the Tories.

This would result in Mr Johnson beating Labour to 38 crucial seats.

Boris would also win another 50 seats if all Brexit Party voters switched to back the PM in a national vote, analysis based on projections by Electoral Calculus suggests.

The figures come as the Tories thrash Labour in the polls – storming ahead with a 17 point lead.

Forty one per cent of Brits want Bo-Jo in Downing Street, while only 24 per cent are backing Mr Corbyn and 20 per cent want Lib Dem boss Jo Swinson as PM.


Mr Farage will announce his election plans today after remaining tight-lipped about claims he will fight 600 constituencies across the country.

Earlier this week he faced calls from his own party to be “sensible” and put candidates in only 20 seats.

Mr Farage has called on the PM to form an election pact for December’s vote, with Brexit Party chiefs suggesting they could deliver a “thundering majority”.

However, Mr Johnson has been keen to distance himself from a deal – with No10 playing down the idea.

While senior Tories have told Mr Farage to stand aside and let the Brexit Party have a clean run against Labour.


Yesterday Donald Trump waded into the debate during an interview with Mr Farage on LBC.

The US President urged Mr Johnson to join forces with the Brexit Party boss and described the two party leaders as a potentially “unstoppable force”.

Mr Trump blasted Mr Corbyn and said he would take the UK to “such bad places”.

Trump said: “I have great relationships with many of the leaders, including Boris who’s a fantastic man – I think he’s the exact right guy for the times.

“I know that you and him will end up doing something that could be terrific – if you and he get together it’s [an] unstoppable force.

“Corbyn would be so bad for your country, he’d be so bad, he’d take you in such a bad way.

“He’d take you into such bad places. But your country has tremendous potential, it’s a great country.”

The US President laid into Corbyn on LBC
In an interview with Nigel Farage, Donald Trump has said Corbyn would be ‘so bad’ for the UK

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