Boris Johnson badge meaning: What does Boris Johnson's green heart badge mean?

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Boris Johnson is in Parliament taking questions from MPs, and viewers may have spotted an addition to the Prime Minister's jacket in the form of a green badge shaped like a heart. What does Boris Johnson's green heart badge mean?

Green is the colour used to commemorate the Grenfell Tower tragedy which killed 71 people in 2017.

The Green Heart for Grenfell badge was created as a way to remember those affected by the Grenfell tower tragedy.

In a statement when the badge was first made the Grenfell Speaks organisation wrote on Facebook: "We created the “Green Heart for Grenfell” memorial lapel pins to remember all those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. 

Boris Johnson badge: Mr Johnson can be seen wearing a green heart badge on his lapel
Boris Johnson badge meaning
Boris Johnson badge meaning: The green heart was created to remember victims of the blaze

"Key findings of this report are strikingly similar to those which followed the Lakanal House fire in 2009.

"Had previous recommendations been implemented, those in Grenfell Tower may have been safe.

"This fire was predictable and preventable. A national oversight mechanism is urgently needed, to ensure official recommendations from inquiries and inquests are systematically followed up.

"The lasting legacy of Grenfell must be structural change. This requires meaningful action from the inquiry and government, to ensure those affected are not failed once again."

What happened to Grenfell Tower?

On June 14, 2017 a blaze at Grenfell Tower, a 23-storey social housing block owned by one of London's richest local authorities, shocked Britain and threw up a range of disturbing questions about how the building had been allowed to become a tinderbox.

Boris Johnson badge meaning: On June 14, 2017 the 23 storey tower block went up in flames
Boris Johnson badge meaning

Martin Moore-Bick, chairman of a public inquiry into the disaster, wrote in a report on the first phase of investigations which focused on events on the night of the blaze: "In its origin, the fire at Grenfell Tower was no more than a typical kitchen fire.

Having broken out late at night in a fourth-floor flat because of an electrical fault in a refrigerator, the fire spread to the outside of the building and raced up its facade, which had been fitted with a type of combustible aluminium composite material cladding during a refurbishment completed in 2016.

Within 17 minutes of the first call to emergency services by the tenant of the fourth-floor flat, the fire had reached the 22nd floor, and six minutes after that it had reached the roof.

From there, it engulfed the whole tower, reducing it to a charred ruin by morning.

Mr Moore-Bick said there was compelling evidence the external walls did not comply with building regulations because of the cladding and insulation material fitted between it and the original concrete wall.

He wrote: "They did not adequately resist the spread of fire having regard to the height, use and position of the building. On the contrary, they actively promoted it."

Mr Moore-Bick did not apportion blame for the decision to use the materials in the refurbishment, but said the issue would be at the heart of the second phase of his inquiry, which is already under way and is expected to last about two years.

He wrote: "The principal focus of Phase 2 will be on the decisions which led to the installation of a highly combustible cladding system on a high-rise residential building and the wider background against which they were taken."

A police investigation into the Grenfell Tower disaster is also ongoing, although officers have said no decision on criminal charges will be made until the public inquiry process has concluded.

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