Michael Gove ally warns Theresa May still has no 'clear vision' on Brexit as he calls for compromise

The Telegraph Politics 15 days ago

Theresa May’s Government still does not have a clear vision on Brexit, an ally of Michael Gove has said as he called for a compromise to end the “loud an angry debate” between Remainers and Brexiteers.

Henry Newman, the director of Open Europe and a former aide to Mr Gove, said that Britain should be prepared to align itself to EU rules on goods exports but free decide its own future on services after Brexit.

In a new report, Mr Newman’s think tank argued that giving up sovereignty on goods is a “price worth paying” for access to EU markets. However it adds that the UK’s services sector is too big to be a “rule taker”.

It comes after Crispin Odey, a major Conservative Party donor,  called for...

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