Mystery as Russian investigative journalist Maxim Borodin dies in bizarre balcony fall just weeks after bombshell story on pro-Putin mercenaries

The Sun Politics 6 months ago

A PROMINENT Russian journalist has died after he fell from his fifth-floor apartment in a incident some are calling suspicious.

Maksim Borodin, 32, an investigative journalist for the Russian newspaper Novy Den, was found unconscious outside his apartment on April 12.


He had apparently fallen from the window of his fifth-floor apartment and died two days later in hospital from his injuries without regaining consciousness from his fall.

Russian police said the incident is “unlikely to be criminal in nature”, but some, including friends and the editor of Borodin’s newspaper, are suspicious of the case.

At 5am on April 11, the day before his fall, Borodin called a friend “alarmed” because his house was “surrounded by security officials” wearing face masks and camouflage.

In a Facebook post written in Russian, Borodin’s friend Vyacheslav Bashkov said the journalist had a “worried voice” as he explained that he believed the police were waiting for a warrant to search his home.


He said Borodin had called him because he needed assistance finding a lawyer.

Baskhov said: "Max's voice was alarmed, but not hysterical, not drunk, I immediately took everything seriously, promised to call anyone I can, and let me know as soon as someone responds."

An hour later, Borodin allegedly called Vyacheslav again to say he was mistaken; the security officers were practicing a safety drill outside his home.



But the next thing Bashkov saw were reports from the local media on April 13 that his friend was found on the ground outside his apartment and had been taken to the emergency room.

As an investigative reporter for the Russian newspaper Novy Den, Borodin wrote regular, controversial pieces on crime and corruption.

The newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Polina Rumyantseva, said she did not believe Borodin had commited suicide.

 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Just a few weeks prior to his death, Borodin had written a pro-Vladimir Putin piece about Russian mercenaries who had been killed while fighting for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

On February 7, a group of Russian mercenaries with tanks and artillery attacked territory in Syria that was occupied by opponents of Assad’s regime.

The groups they attacked were backed by the US, who were provoked and responded with air strikes that are believed to have killed dozens of the Russian fighters.


AP:Associated Press


The Russian government is yet to acknowledge the deaths and confirm the casualty toll.

Bashkov is calling for an investigation into Borodin’s death.

Russian police said no suicide note was found in the apartment.

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