Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller Turn Meet the Parents Into Trump Drama on Saturday Night Live: 'Yikes!' Politics 4 months ago

Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller took a walk down memory lane on Saturday Night Live this week, and in the process, poked fun at President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen.

The two actors made a surprise appearance during the show’s cold open on Saturday, parodying the investigation into alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election. De Niro took on the special counsel Robert Mueller while Stiller played Trump’s embattled lawyer.

Cohen was the subject of media attention this week when the F.B.I. raided his offices after federal prosecutors obtained a search warrant following a referral from Mueller, according to Stephen Ryan, an attorney for Cohen.

Though the sketch started out with favorite Beck Bennett as Vice President Mike Pence and Kate McKinnon as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Stiller quickly stole the show as Trump’s paranoid lawyer raising the alarm.

“We got a real problem here, Jeff. You know how much evidence I have in my office? I’m Donald Trump’s lawyer — I got a whole hard drive that’s just labeled, ‘Yikes!’ ” Stiller said.

McKinnon’s Sessions and Bennett’s Pence then led Stiller to another room where a lie detector was waiting. That’s when De Niro walked in as Mueller.

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The lie detector test soon brought on memories of Meet the Parents, in which De Niro’s overprotective father character administers one on Stiller. The familiar bit was packed with references to the 2000 comedy, including the famous line “You can milk anything with nipples,” and De Niro’s retort, “Really? I have nipples. Can you milk me, Mr. Cohen?”

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