Ex-Trump aide Nunberg touts CNN's ratings from wild media blitz

The Hill Politics 6 months ago

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg on CNN on Wednesday touted ratings for his March 5 appearances on the network by saying, "We beat Fox News in total [viewers] and [the 25-54] demo."

Nunberg was referring to a wild series of interviews he gave on CNN that included an appearance on "Outfront" with anchor Erin Burnett noting that she "smelled alcohol" on Nunberg's breath. He denied he had been drinking but did say he was taking anti-depressants at the time.

"The last time we saw you was the Sam-a-palooza where you, you know, set a record to be on all sorts of cable shows," anchor Alisyn Camerota noted Wednesday morning on "New Day."

“By the way, we beat Fox News in every single — we beat Fox News that hour, in total and demo," Nunberg noted, apparently referring to his 37-minute interview on Burnett's CNN primetime show.

According to Nielsen Media Research, Burnett did finish ahead of Fox News in the 25-54 demographic for the 7:00 p.m. EST timeslot on March 5 with 473,000 viewers compared to Fox News' 380,000.

In total viewers, Fox's "The Story" with Martha MacCallum registered 2.028 million viewers to Burnett's 1.236 million. MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews" delivered 2.159 million total viewers and 434,000 viewers in the demographic.

“You’re watching the ratings. I’m thinking that Sam Nunberg is a big draw and it sounds like you are," Camerota replied. "But people were concerned about you.”

“Sure," Nunberg said.

“How are you doing?” Camerota asked.

“I’m great. I’m great. I was very stressed out that day," Nunberg replied.

“Because you’ve been called by the special counsel?” the anchor asked.

“No. It wasn’t because I’ve been called by the special counsel," said Nunberg before explaining why grand jury testimonies can be more taxing than special counsel interviews.

The 36-year-old pivoted back to the numerous interviews on multiple outlets he had conducted that day that went viral.

"So I think maybe I did too many interviews at that point, but it was a fun day. We’re still talking about it. I don’t want to keep repeating the line, 'Oh, Sam had a TV meltdown.' I thought it was great TV. And I thank Erin [Burnett] for the interview."

“Well, there you go. Sam Nunberg, thank you very much," Camerota said before ending the conversation.

On March 6, Fox Business Network's Charlie Gasparino reported that Nunberg had told him he intended to get treatment following a scheduled grand jury appearance. 

"When I interviewed [Nunberg], and I interviewed him early, he admitted to me he was drinking," Gasparino reported.

The Hill has reached out to Nunberg for comment.

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