IRA victims’ families call for Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for backing terrorist sympathisers

The Sun Politics 1 week ago

JEREMY Corbyn has been challenged by IRA victims’ families to apologise for backing terrorist sympathisers.

They wrote a letter to mark the 35th anniversary of the Brighton bomb, which killed five and injured 31 at a Tory conference hotel.

The families of IRA victims have called for the Labour leader to apologise for backing terrorist sympathisers

Days later Mr Corbyn held a Parliamentary meeting with convicted IRA terrorists.

The letter is signed by relatives of 35 people killed and injured in the Hyde Park, Harrods and Enniskillen bombings.

Meanwhile a dossier drawn up by new anti-extremism group Mainstream details how Mr Corbyn helped promote the violent republican cause for two decades.

Labour insisted: “Jeremy has made it clear he didn’t and doesn’t support the IRA.

“And what he always wants is to work for peace and respect for human rights.

It comes as John Downey, the prime suspect in the IRA Hyde Park bombing, was remanded in customer over another terror attack

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