Brexit mastermind Hannan brilliantly savages MPs for abandoning Brexit - ‘Becoming devils!

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Mr Hannan admitted in a Daily Telegraph column that he held some Brexit regrets. He said he regretted the anger of political debate, broken friendships and the fact people were looking for traitors rather than compromise. But, he said: “Like most Leavers, I liked the idea of living in a full democracy, hiring and firing the people who passed our laws.

“When I argued that we should put our MPs back in charge, I had no idea how little they wanted the job.

“I’m blaming those politicians who swore blind that they would uphold the referendum result, and then went back on their words.”

He said critics would have every right to describe it as his “mess” if Brexit had been delivered but backfired, however he insisted MPs were responsible for the current impasse.

He noted: “I watched open-mouthed last month as Liberal Democrat politicians openly urged Eurocrats not to engage with Boris Johnson’s proposals.

Daniel Hannan is a Tory MEP
Britain is due to leave the EU on October 31

“If Michel Barnier offered Britain concessions, they argued, we would be more likely to leave.

“In normal times, such behaviour would have been howled down by all sides as disloyal.”

He said these attitudes undermined the British negotiating position: “You can hardly blame the EU for behaving as it has.

“Once it became clear that most British MPs, and a fair chunk of the electorate, would applaud its every action, right or wrong, it toughened its position.”

Mr Hannan criticised MPs for vowing to honour the referendum and failing to do so

He said this made him more pessimist about Boris Johnson’s chances of securing a deal: “I am less optimistic than most commentators about an agreement.

“As long as Eurocrats believe that a failure to strike a deal will result in our staying in, they have little incentive to engage.

“I reckon we are headed for an impasse, an extension, an election and a victorious return for a turbo-charged Boris Johnson.”

He concluded: “We are on the road to becoming devils, and prolonging this row will complete our diabolisation.


Mr Hannan is one of four Tory MEPs in the European Parliament
Boris Johnson has vowed to leave at the end of the month

“Our best shot at salvation lies in delivering Brexit in a liberal and internationalist spirit that reassures the 48 per cent.

“Then, and only then, can we put this nastiness behind us.”

Mr Hannan has been an MEP since 1999.

Five key moments that lead to Brexit

He joins Geoffrey Van Orden (East of England), Nosheena Mobarik (Scotland) and Anthea McIntyre (West Midlands) as the four Tory MEPs.

Local activists attempted to push him towards becoming Conservative candidate for the seat of Aldershot for the 2017 general election after Gerald Howarth announced he was standing down.

The party leadership rejected the move.

Geoffrey Van Orden is leader of the Tories in the European Parliament

Leo Docherty, a former army captain, was chosen instead.

He would go on to secure a majority of just under 11,000.

The constituency was formed in 1918 and has been held by the Tories ever since the first election for the seat.

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