Places with the lowest cost of living in California: study

Places with the lowest cost of living in California: study

Is there such a thing as a low cost of living in the state of California?

Compared to other parts of the country, not so much. However, there are places in the Golden State far from the coast, cities and suburbs that are considered to be reasonably priced.

Researchers at Niche, a popular ranking and review site, crunched the numbers to complete a comprehensive assessment of the affordability across California.

Factors that were taken into consideration, according to Niche, include a location’s housing, food, and fuel costs, as well as the median tax rates. This was calculated in an attempt to measure the overall affordability and relative cost of living of an area.

More on the methodology can be found here.

The results are in and Niche has released its 2023 Places with the Lowest Cost of Living in California list for all to see. Here’s what these researchers considered to be the top 50 places in the Golden State with the lowest cost of living.

  1. Desert Edge
  2. Big River
  3. Alturas
  4. Upper Lake
  5. East Valley
  6. Oasis
  7. Lenwood
  8. Burney
  9. Ridgecrest
  10. Morada
  11. China Lake Acres
  12. Needles
  13. Gerber
  14. Barstow
  15. Mojave
  16. Blythe
  17. Orosi
  18. West Park
  19. Taft Heights
  20. Coalinga
  21. Nice
  22. Holtville
  23. Taft
  24. Strathmore
  25. Johnstonville
  26. Sky Valley
  27. Calipatria
  28. Lakeport
  29. Susanville
  30. Farmersville
  31. Golden Hills
  32. Earlimart
  33. South Taft
  34. Calwa
  35. Easton
  36. Portola
  37. Avenal
  38. Corcoran
  39. Soulsbyville
  40. Cutler
  41. Lankershim
  42. South Oroville
  43. Ivanhoe
  44. Mi-Wuk Village
  45. Goshen
  46. California City
  47. Ford City
  48. Shackelford
  49. Yreka
  50. Heber

For those looking to ease the financial strain of California living, you may want to consider relocating to one of these areas.

KTLA’s sister station KSWB reports.

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