People are just realizing WiFi signals are blocked by six common materials – move your router now for faster internet

THESE common household materials could explain why your Wifi is lagging.

Wifi routers wirelessly transmit radio waves to communicate with wireless devices.

Surround your router with as much open space as possible
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These common household materials could explain why your Wifi is lagging.

But sometimes the waves’ paths can be blocked by certain materials, or undergo electromagnetic inference, weakening their pathway.

Building materials are the worst WiFi signal blockers, followed by physical objects and radio waves from other devices, says experts at Signal Boosters, a provider of router boosters.

Here are some of the worst materials for good Wifi connection, according to the experts at Signal Boosters.


Metal is the material that radio waves will have the toughest time passing through, because metal is a conductor of electricity and radio waves are electromagnetic.

The metal can absorb the waves, meaning anything from metal furniture, doors, blinds and walls can undermine the connectivity.

This means metal blinds, doors, furniture, buildings, and walls – any metal between the router and you.


Concrete is a notoriously thick building material, making it difficult for radio waves to pass through.

Pair it with metal laths for an even more impenetrable wall


Commonly used on walls and floors, typically mastic is used to install ceramic tiles on plaster or drywall.

The mix of these materials increases the amount of WiFi interference.


Glass reflects the radio waves, and if they are Low-E windows or metallic have film, this will interfere with the signals.


Mirrors consist of a thin coat of metal on a piece of glass which causes electromagnetic interference. 

The bigger the mirror, the greater the interference.

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