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People are just realising Sky TV has life-changing hack you need to learn now

People are just realising Sky TV has life-changing hack you need to learn now

THERE’S an essential trick that all Sky TV owners need to know: voice controls.

Your Sky remote is seriously powerful if you know the magic words.


Find the microphone button on your Sky remote[/caption]

There are plenty of different commands that you can use.

And since you’ve mastered them, you’ll save loads of time.

First you need to learn how to activate voice commands.

Then practice using a few until you get into the habit of using them.

To use a voice command, hold the Sky remote up in front of you.

Then press and hold the voice button as you speak clearly into the microphone.

The voice button is helpfully marked with a microphone symbol.

Release the voice button once you’re finished speaking.

You’ll see the search query pop up on screen, and then hopefully it will work as intended.

Sky voice commands

Here are some voice commands recommended by Sky:

  • Search for a specific show, actor, movie or sporting event, e.g. “Game of Thrones.”
  • Find a movie by using a famous quote from the film. See the PDF for the complete list. Search for a movie using a famous quote (PDF
  • 136KB)
  • Change channels, e.g. “Go to Sky Atlantic.”
  • Play recordings, e.g. “Play Toy Story.”
  • Use commands, e.g. “Play” “Pause” “Skip twenty minutes.”
  • Launch apps, e.g. “Open Spotify”.
  • Change accessibility settings, e.g. “Turn on subtitles.”
  • Change from app to app, e.g while in NetflixYouTube.”
  • Start a recording while watching a live TV channel, e.g “record.”

One of the best Sky voice control tricks lets you skip adverts.

It’ll work if you’re watching content that you’ve downloaded.

Simply wait for an ad break to start and then say “Skip three minutes” and you’ll usually go straight back into the TV show or movie.

There are even more Sky commands to try, so just test out some phrases that you think might work.

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