People are just realising iPhone has ‘magic trick’ that all drivers need to know about

MILLIONS of iPhone owners may be missing out on a genius feature aimed at drivers.

There’s a clever hack to help you locate your parked car.


You can use Apple Maps on iPhone to find your parking spot[/caption]

It’s easy to miss, even if you’ve had an iPhone for a long time.

But it’s so handy – especially given how easy it can be to forget where you parked.

Maybe you’ve dropped it off in a giant parking lot, or left it on a small backstreet in an unfamiliar city or town.

Whatever the case, there are a couple of methods for finding your parked car with an iPhone.

One relies on Apple CarPlay, and the other works using Siri.

Using Apple CarPlay

Your iPhone will automatically drop a pin on Apple Maps when you disconnect from Apple CarPlay and exit the vehicle.

So when it’s time to find your car again, just go into Maps and look for the pin.

You can then simply using normal Apple Maps walking navigation to find your vehicle again.

Using Siri

The Siri method is simple enough.

Simply say “Hey Siri, remember where I parked my car”.

This will drop a pin on Apple Maps in your location.

Than when you need to find it again, say “Hey Siri, where’s my car.”

This will pull up the location in Maps.

You could also go to the Apple Maps app directly and simply look for the pin.

Or you could go on Apple Maps and search for “parked car”.

Once you’ve got the map pin up, you can use Apple Maps to navigate directly to the parking spot.

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