Probe the ‘collusion’ probe and other commentary

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From the left: Probe the ‘Collusion’ Probe

At The Nation, Aaron Maté sees “no doubt that Donald Trump would like to exact political revenge on those behind the Russia probe” — but warns “it would be a mistake” to dismiss the Justice Department inquiry into its origins. After all, “the FBI investigated a presidential campaign and then sitting president as a conspirator or agent of Russia” for more than two years, just to find “no Trump-Russia conspiracy” and “barely even any contact between the two sides suspected of conspiring.” Fact is, if “the FBI had investigated President Barack Obama” on false charges, Democrats “would rightfully demand a full inquiry.” In the same way, “Trump and his supporters have legitimate grounds to uncover how it ­began.”

Capitol desk: Katie Hill’s Millennial Odyssey

While Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif.) may be “the first Millennial lawmaker to have to grapple” with the ways in which 21st century tech has changed sex and power, Time’s Charlotte Alter predicts she “won’t be the last.” After all, “Millennials live most of their lives online,” so it’s “only natural that their sex lives have gone digital, as well.” That said, Hill’s case also “illuminates the tricky nuances of workplace relationships in the #MeToo era.” No staffer, even those she allegedly had affairs with, has accused her of misconduct — but “is the power imbalance enough to make it wrong”? All in all, the Hill story points to “political peril that is heightened for digital natives like her.” Hers was “a uniquely Millennial rise, before a uniquely Millennial fall.”

Culture beat: From Yeezus to Jesus

President Barack Obama might have famously called celebrity rapper Kanye West a “jackass” in 2009, but West’s latest album, “Jesus Is King,” calls that “role as the nation’s resident jackass” into question, writes Nic Rowan at First Things. West — who supports President Trump and has spoken out about “his struggles with porn addiction, the abortion industry’s systemic targeting of black people and his overall disgust with ‘woke’ culture” — has embraced the Christian faith. “Jesus is King,” filled with Christian longing and meaning, features gospel tracks and lacks profanity. While many Christians are skeptical of West’s conversion, “to discount his faith simply because of its newness is cynical.” And it makes sense: “Perfectly nice people don’t become saints. God tends to prefer working with jackasses.”

2020 watch: Dems Are Repeating Hill’s Mistake

Hillary Clinton in 2016 lost Middle America “over her position on guns, her anti-fossil fuel talk and her open embrace of globalism,” and her party is “going down the same road that led to her defeat four years ago, blaming white resentment, as well as Russia, the media, sexism and deplorables,” sighs Salena Zito at RealClearPolitics. The agenda on offer at Democrats’ debates and town halls is “confiscating guns, banning fracking, hiking taxes, providing free health care to illegal immigrants and stamping out religious liberty” — the very policies, in other words, most likely to alienate rural and working-class voters. If they lose next year, it will be for doubling down on “the mistakes of the former senator from New York.”

Climate take: Schumer’s ‘Meaningless’ EV Plan

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s $462 billion plan to switch motorists to electric cars is a “meaningless gesture that will resolve nothing,” laments J. Frank Bullitt at Issues & Insights. The $17 billion portion for car makers is an “acknowledgment” that demand for electric vehicles is so low “the government has to pay off the industry” to “force” this kind of technological change. Meanwhile, “battery cars are not ‘zero-emissions’ automobiles any more than big-block V-8s from Detroit’s pre-catalytic converter era” were. Far more carbon is emitted making them than in regular automotive manufacture, and the electricity that charges them entails emissions, too. And Schumer hasn’t said how he would fund the plan. Like the Green New Deal, the scheme may be “good left-wing politics,” but it’s also a tribute to “shallow thinking — a hallmark of today’s Democrats.”

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