Letter: It’s not Trump supporters that I hate

Concord Monitor Opinions 1 month ago

Mr. Mayotte, I don’t hate you (Monitor letters, Oct. 8). I have friends and relatives who voted for 45. I don’t hate them either. It seems the word “hate” comes from the president’s supporters much more than anywhere else. I do hate the atmosphere that this administration has fostered – more hate crimes, more anti-Semitism, more divisiveness. As for Hillary, it’s 45’s supporters who seem to be obsessed with both her and President Obama. No one else mentions them that often.

This brings me to another thing I hate. The claim that this president has been picked on more than any other. Really? Check some news archives on the Obamas. As for deplorable – David Duke and similar supporters are deplorable. Shouting “Send her back” about a duly elected U.S. representative and laughing when the president makes fun of handicapped people or encourages violence is deplorable.

But I don’t want him impeached. I want him voted out of office to show that we as Americans are better than the version of the United States he presents. I’d like a president who realizes that climate change isn’t an opinion. One who doesn’t lie regularly. (Who IS paying for that wall? This tax cut won’t raise the deficit. The noise from windmills causes cancer. )

I know his supporters don’t want to hear any of this. In fact, I suggest the slogan for 2020 not be “Make America Great Again” but rather “Don’t Confuse Me With the Facts.”



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