Ageism is not just creeping into political discourse — it’s being shouted

The Boston Globe Opinions 1 week ago

Victoria McGrane’s excellent article about the Senate primary race (“A premier bout, slow to get swinging,” Page A1, Oct. 6) reveals a disturbing bit of ageism — something that has become all too common and, I’m afraid, generally accepted. At the end of the article, McGrane quotes Lou Antonellis, a well-respected business manager of a great union, IBEW Local 103. Antonellis says, “It’s time for . . . a new generation of leadership. We’re sick of looking at a lot of gray hair, a lot of older people.” Imagine if Antonellis’s remarks concluded that he and his members were tired of looking at a lot of white, brown, or black skin. Racism, sexism, and homophobia are correctly and understandably taboo. How is it that obvious bias against older people is perfectly acceptable? It’s time that anti-old remarks like Antonellis’s are called out for the bigotry that they represent.

Ashley Adams


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