Not to Be Dramatic, But I’ll Be Wearing These Flats 24/7 This Fall

One of the many things I’ve discovered since transitioning into full-time remote work is that my threshold for pain – more specifically, my ability to spend hours on end sporting a pair of sky-high heels – has decreased pretty dramatically. Long gone are the days when I was able to confidently leave my home with heels on my feet and an assurance that I could go all day, pain-free, without having to change them out for a comfortable pair of flats at some point. (My girlfriends have noted that this could also be a byproduct of simply “getting older,” but I’ve decided to blissfully blame it on my leisurely at-home work environment instead.) Now, as a result, I never go anywhere without having an emergency pair of flats or comfortable mules tucked into my tote bag or car just in case my day goes a little longer than my feet can bear. Fortunately, this life development has actually helped to expand my flat selection in a pretty big way. I’m always looking for more styles to add to my ever-growing collection, and recently fell in love with these Franco Sarto Tracy Slingback Flats ($140) – which nail several major fall fashion trends (thanks to the tortoise-shell coloring, gold hardware, and a structured square-toe design), all while boasting an elevated look that’s so chic, I’m actually excited to wear them instead of my heels for work events or more formal outings.

Ahead, I break down the full product details of this style, along with why I consider them to be perfect shoe for year-round wear.

What I Like About These Slingback Flats

Besides falling in love with them at first sight? To start, I love that they feel like two different shoe silhouettes wrapped up into one. They have the practical comfort of a ballerina flat mixed with the breathable nature of a mule – all courtesy of the style’s open, slingback design. While I’m undoubtedly excited to wear them throughout the fall, I’m also confident I’ll get a ton of use out of the flats in the winter (thanks to their closed-toe silhouette), as well as during the spring and summer months when I’m in need of something comfortable but a tad more elevated than a pair of sandals. Their styling versatility is truly endless, which makes them a worthwhile splurge that I can feel good about adding to my closet as I know I’ll get extended use out of them.

The shoes are also surprisingly comfortable – which is a feat in itself considering how notoriously unsupportive flats can oftentimes be. Slingback styles can also be hit or miss – if you find a shoe that fits just perfectly, then they work great. But if the style is even just slightly bigger or smaller than expected, you’re usually left with a back-strap that hugs the ankle too tightly or annoyingly slips down when you’re walking. These flats fit true to size and have proven to be a great shoe for all-day wear. Whether I’m running errands, traveling, heading to a work event, or simply tidying up around my apartment, I feel comfortable slipping into these and can wear them for hours on end. They’re also great to pack in a carry-away bag or purse for those evenings when I might want to start the night in heels, but end it in something that’s a little easier on my feet.

What’s Worth Noting

The flats are made from a synthetic leather material that’s sleek to the touch – which (while stylish) actually makes them feel incredibly slippery while on. There have been several instances while wearing these shoes where I’ve noticed my foot slide a little extra on tile or just trip me up a bit more on a glossier surface. Thankfully, the slingback feature ensures that the flats stay fully on my foot while I’m walking, so I don’t have to worry about them completely slipping off. However, it’s definitely something to be aware of when purchasing the style and also cautious of while wearing them. Other reviewers have similarly acknowledged the shoe’s slippery tendencies, with one reviewer writing on Nordstrom’s site, “I didn’t like how slippery these shoes are.” Another expressed a similar sentiment, saying: “Comfortable and lovely to look at. My only hesitation in giving this a 5 [out of 10 rating] is the bottom is smooth and it feels like it could be slippery on some surfaces.”

Who Are These Slingback Flats Best For?

These slingback flats are the ultimate wardrobe essential for anyone who wants a comfortable, elevated shoe that can take them from the office to the airport, post-work cocktails, and beyond.

Additional Details

  • The trendy flats are available to shop in four unique styles, including a tortoise brown faux-leather (my colorway of choice), tobacco brown patent synthetic, a black and tan fabric pattern, and classic black leather.
  • They’re available in US women’s sizes five through 11.
  • Unlike other flat silhouettes, these shoes feature a square-toe design that elevates the style with a more structured shape.

Where Can I Buy These Slingback Flats?

These stylish flats are available to shop at Nordstrom, Franco Sarto ($140), Zappos ($140), and Dillards ($140).


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