Newsom announces more than $250 million investment toward California’s fight against retail theft

Newsom announces more than $250 million investment toward California's fight against retail theft

(FOX40.COM) — The state of California announced it is investing over $250 million to combat retail theft, which marks the Golden State’s largest-ever single investment toward preventing and investigating organized retail crime.

Exactly $267,118,293 was awarded by the Board of State and Community Corrections to 55 local law enforcement agencies across California, a press release from the Governor’s Office read. The funding will be distributed to 34 police departments, 7 sheriff’s departments, 13 district attorney offices, and one probation department on Oct. 1.
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Governor Newsom spoke about the investment on Thursday, saying, “When shameless criminals walk out of stores with stolen goods, they’ll walk straight into jail cells.”

While most departments and agencies will be receiving their funds on Oct. 1, others have already begun to receive funding from the state to begin creating new task forces and increase arrests.

On Thursday, 41 sheriffs and police departments, were awarded up to about $24 million to help crack down on retail theft, including agencies in Los Angeles, Santa Clara, and Sacramento counties. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office received about $9.5 million.

The largest investment went to the Fresno Police Department, which was a multi-agency proposal. The department was awarded a little more than $23.5 million.

District attorneys’ offices have also been awarded, receving up to $2 million to establish new teams “dedicated to prosecuting organized retail theft,” and establishing county-wide “prosecution hubs” for all retail-theft-related investigations.

Among the district attorney offices that were included are offices in Alameda, Orange, Placer, Sacramento, San Francisco and Yolo counties.

According to the Governor’s Office, all funds for both grants will be allocated in annual installments over the next three years.

“Enough with these brazen smash-and-grabs — we’re ensuring law enforcement agencies have the resources they need to take down these criminals,” Newsom said.

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