M&S launches stoneless avocados - and says they could prevent 'avocado hand'

The Telegraph 10 months ago

Marks and Spencer has launched a new type of avocado without a pit, that can be eaten whole — and the supermarket chain has said the fruit could reduce instances of "avocado hand."

Surgeons said earlier this year that growing numbers of amateur chefs are reporting to accident and emergency departments with what they are calling "avocado hand"; sliced fingers and thumbs as a result of enthusiastically cutting into an avocado and the slippery pit causing the knife to slide onto the cook's hand.

Those worried about this injury can still enjoy an avocado or two, thanks to the supermarket's new 'cocktail avocados' which do not have a stone and can be eaten skin and all.

To peel one, wait until it is ripe, cut off one end and squeeze the flesh out  from the bottom like toothpaste from a tube.

The groundbreaking fruit is the result of an unpollinated avocado blossom, and develops without a seed. They are only five to eight centimetres in length.

Because of their dinky appearance, M&S has said they are perfect for salads and garnishes, and for a lunchbox snack as they do not require any peeling or chopping.

According to the supermarket, the flesh is smooth and creamy, pale in colour and rich in flavour.

Usually reserved for top restaurants, the avocados are only available in December, and grown in Spain.

The fruit is apparently delicious deep-fried, and will be available for £2 in selected M&S stores throughout December.

Charlotte Curtis, M&S agronomist, said: “We’ve had the mini, the giant, ready-sliced and we’re now launching the holy grail of avocados – stoneless! This amazing fruit has been on our radar for a couple of years and we’re very excited to have finally been able to get hold of some for our customers to try. We know they will be in demand and we’ve only been able to get our hands on a limited amount so make sure you get them while you can!”

Charlotte continues: “They’re perfect for snacking and lunchboxes as they can be eaten whole but can also be used for a beautiful garnish or in a salad. My top tip is to try them deep fried!”

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