Now Google Lets You Move Audio And Video From One Streaming Device To Another

Forbes 5 days ago
Music and video can follow you throughout your home.
Music and video can follow you throughout your home.

Google lets you stream audio and video anywhere in your house with Chromecast and its family of Assistant-powered smart speakers and displays. It’s very convenient as long as you stay in one place while you’re watching or listening. If you move to a different area of the house, you have to relaunch your stream on the device in the new room. This can be especially annoying with video or podcasts because you may have to scrub through the content to get back to where you left off. That was then, this is now. Google is syncing their collection of streaming devices through a new function it calls stream transfer.

Stream transfer lets you move content from one device to another. It works best if you take the time to identify rooms in the Home app and name the devices in each room. For example, if you’re listening to music or a podcast through a Home Mini in your office, and you want to move it to the Nest Hub in the kitchen when it’s time to make dinner, all you have to do is say “OK Google, move the music/podcast to the kitchen.”

You can also move content to a different device using the cast button in the Home app. Tapping the button shows you all the devices in your house that are on the same network. You can then choose where you want your content to go.

You can also set up speaker groups in the Home app and then send your content to the group. If you have devices all over your house, keeping the music going when you’re cleaning and moving from room to room makes the job go easier.

Stream transfer is rolling out now.

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